DAG migrates a global biotech organization into an efficient digital workspace.

May 8, 2021 0 Comments
DAG migrates a global biotech organization into an efficient digital workspace.

Data Agility Group Inc, (DAG) is excited to announce the successful migration of Praedicare’s email to Microsoft 365.

Up until recently, Praedicare Inc, which is a Global Contract Biotech organization that uses NGS, AI, & customized preclinical wet lab models that have been mathematically mapped to patients for quantitative prediction of clinical trial outcomes, significantly reducing clients’ risk, time, and costs of developing safe and effective new drugs was signed up for email hosting services via a third party vendor who turned out to be hosting their emails on C-Panel which is mostly used for website hosting and proves highly inefficient for email hosting. This configuration left the Praedicare team without email access for a few days to weeks at a time.


Upon engaging DAG for data center related services, DAG was able to successfully assess their email configuration and map out an effective email migration project that was done over a weekend to minimize impact on business operations. A painless migration was executed and all emails were successfully recovered by the users. The decision to migrate Praedicare to Microsoft 365 was based on the premise of recognizing how the future of work is hybrid. Microsoft 365 provides the tools and security needed for the new workplace setup. Praedicare also stood to benefit from the key benefits of Microsoft 365 which offer transformative collaboration for employees providing a digital workspace that enables cross functional teams to work together seamlessly in a virtual central location as well as the efficiency of Microsoft 365 being a flexible modern solution which offers monthly/ annual subscriptions and not requiring massive upfront capital outlay. It is a scalable solution that allows for licensing on a need to use basis thereby saving the organization money.

The President and CEO of Praedicare Inc, Dr Tawanda Gumbo shared his experience of the project delivery by DAG and had this to say; “We had just migrated our e-mails to a new service when our e-mails started disappearing and bouncing. At that time, we were in discussion with the DAG team for several services associated with data migration and security, so we asked them for help. The DAG team was very efficient at helping our team resolve the problem, helping us restore the e-mail service within 1-2 business days. They were excellent partners.”


Data Agility Group Inc (DAG), is a Professional IT Services company that specializes in Data Workload, Data Center and Cloud Migrations, Assessments as well as Data Center Relocation Services.

Founded in 2007 in the United States and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, DAG has helped small and large enterprises with their strategic and critical data center initiatives. Our customer base which includes some Fortune 500 companies represents a variety of industries including: education, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, oil and gas, utilities, government agencies, and more.

We have performed our services in over twenty (20) countries and continue to expand our presence globally.

We provide an end-to-end approach to data center and workload migrations. Our capabilities include assessment and discovery, analysis and planning, execution, and project management of complex data migrations and data center relocations. We also have an exhaustive partner network for complimentary service providers who enable us to provide wall to wall services within the data center.

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