Salima co-founded DAG in 2007. She, along with the other senior officers of DAG, established the Vision, Core Values, and Principles of DAG. Her leadership and talent for making rapid assessments of diverse situational challenges have provided the focus for her multi-functional role with DAG. Salima oversees the business operations and management of key functions for DAG, including human resources, strategic planning, resource acquisition, finance, and engineering. Prior to DAG, Salima worked with Logility, Inc., where she had responsibility for several marketing functions. She specialized in the creation of strategic and operations materials for their core operations. Salima attended Loyola University in Chicago and the University of North Texas where she studied in Management Information Systems. As an entrepreneur, Salima has enjoyed watching the company grow and provide opportunities for associates and partners in the marketplace. She takes great satisfaction in knowing that DAG is providing critical services with every engagement and understands the magnitude of caring for our client’s critical data. She is passionate about our track record of success and high client satisfaction ratings.

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