Data Center Assessment Services

Make sure your data center is properly equipped

Visibility Drives Strategy

Your success depends on aligning strategic business needs with service level execution. A comprehensive data center Assessment gives you complete visibility across networks, applications, server farms, storage and cabling assets. An Assessment is the best first step toward alignment. DAG examines your processes, technologies, people—everything touching service delivery.

Our findings enable you to:

  • Reduce risk of infrastructure failure and business interruption
  • Increase agility as business needs change & competition gets more intense
  • Improve understanding of organizational strengths, weaknesses, & risks
  • Make the best, rationalized decisions to deploy & integrate IT assets
  • Plan and budget hardware & software refresh needs
  • Reduce total cost of ownership, further contributing to earnings

Make Better Decisions
DAG’s Assessment Services makes data centers more efficient by giving you enhanced control. More control and greater insight drives better business decisions.
An Assessment provides:

  • A complete site and infrastructure analysis.
  • You’ll know exactly what you have, where it’s located, when it was purchased, how it’s connected and who owns it.
  • Server farm & storage utilization, consolidation and virtualization recommendations. Including blade servers, virtual machines, cloud instances and application footprints.
  • Application dependency mapping. Infrastructure diagrams reveal when to retire, consolidate or migrate assets based on inter-dependencies and business impact.

Discover the status of your data center environment with a complete Data Center Assessment today.

Visualize & Document Everything

A TFORM Assessment provides crystal clear visualization of your infrastructure and its inter-dependencies. IT ecosystems become clearer, more understandable and controllable. All thanks to a centralized, single source of truth about your data center. Assessments shine a spotlight on problematic data center variables threatening to increase risk, inflate costs or disrupt service.

Our auto-discovery process targets:

  • Applications
  • Networks & security
  • Server farms
  • Storage
  • Inventory
  • Configuration
  • Connectivity
  • Process
  • Tools
  • Cabling

Auto-discovery is easy, secure and low impact on your environment. The auto-discovery tool is delivered as a virtual appliance residing securely in your data center, behind your firewall, requiring no external internet access.
We use common protocols such as SNMP, IPMI, SSH, WMI and others. TFORM scans are performed on two distinct layers. The first layer of scans discovers the presence of devices in the network. These scans are unintrusive and don’t require authentication. The second, more detailed layer will provide in-depth information on the devices on the network by performing authenticated, targeted agentless scans. Our secure discovery process executes across multiple, segregated environments without requiring open ports across networks for scanning.
The process is:

  • Agentless: providing speed, performance and cost efficiency.
  • Supported broadly: Microsoft and Unix, Cloud vendors, Hypervisors.
  • CISO Firendly: secure, behind firewall, read only credentials, no data leaves.
  • Fully accessible: documented complete APIs, robust reporting and audit logs.
  • Agnostic: neutral to vendor or disposition.
  • Simple to deploy: lightweight footprint and self-hosted virtual appliance.

Your Migration Roadmap

If data center migration is part of your strategy, DAG’s Assessment Service gives you a comprehensive, fact-based process to make decisions about your data center environment. You get a bulletproof way to get from where you are to where you want to be, successfully. Avoiding unpleasant surprises that throw migrations into chaos.

Get Your Complimentary Estimate

A comprehensive data center Assessment gives you complete visibility across networks, applications, server farms, storage and cabling assets. DAG examines your processes, technologies, and people to bring new strategies to life. Contact us today let’s explore your project together.

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