Migration without the migraine.

You can migrate your own customers.

But is that the best use of your time?


Don’t allow data center migration work to slow down your day-to-day operations or the pursuit of revenue. Our many years of experience handling value added reseller (VAR) complex workload migrations enables us to provide full-service solutions to data centers via a single point of contact.From initial assessment to execution to measuring and reporting, we do all the heavy lifting so you can get back to what you do best. Close one deal after another without stopping to handle a data migration in-between.

What makes us unique?

We’re flexible.

  • Our migration services can be private labeled under your existing brand.  Our team can operate as an extension of your own, completing the work without your customer ever seeing a DAG logo.
  • You can introduce us to your client and allow us to handle the rest.  From beginning to end, we maintain the highest levels of customer service and professionalism. We work with you the way you want. 

We make it easy.

We get started right away. Our JumpStart™ consultation means if you give us 4 hours, we can give you a migration plan.

We don’t over-complicate things. We’re hardware and hypervisor agnostic and process agnostic. Whether your client is moving from physical to VM, or from public cloud to private cloud, we can help. We can migrate from cloud providers that make it easy, or providers that are more reluctant to cooperate.

We make it easy to quote. Over 90% of our projects fit into streamlined pricing. Sales engineers can quote on the fly with very little information.

We can map out a comprehensive migration plan from end-to-end, regardless of configuration or degree of complexity.

168 years of experience on our IT leadership team

We can migrate large data sets and complex, hybrid configurations

Legacy data center migrations from HP-UX, SPARC, VMS or VAX are a breeze

Don’t take our word for it. Our flexibility speaks for itself.

  • A large national VAR headquartered in southern California needed help migrating a customer into Microsoft Azure. Due to the nature of the relationship between the VAR and its customer, a private label arrangement with DAG was preferred. DAG performed a full migration assessment of the client’s environment wearing the VAR’s shirts, planned the migration project and flawlessly executed the migration and follow up reporting. The VAR maintained the top-line revenue and paid DAG as agreed.
  • Texas811, a non-profit “call before you dig” contact notification center needed help with their digital transformation goals. They contacted a large national VAR to help them.  As part of their goals, Texas811 needed to migrate critical applications to a large, public cloud service.  The VAR called DAG to handle the migration.  They introduced us to Texas811 as a trusted partner and DAG performed the migration assessment, discovery, analysis/planning, execution and project management wearing our own shirts. DAG completed the migration successfully and paid the VAR an agreed-upon referral fee

Give Us 4 hours.

If our services interest you, we can have a migration plan delivered in a half day. No nonsense.


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