Data Agility Group Launches DAG Insights, an Industry-First Data Center and Workload Assessment Solution

February 29, 2020 0 Comments
Data Agility Group Launches DAG Insights, an Industry-First Data Center and Workload Assessment Solution

IRVING, TEXAS—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Data Agility Group, Inc. (DAG) today announced the launch of its new data center and workload assessment solution, DAG Insights,TM which provides the most comprehensive view of any IT environment, whether on premises or in a public or private cloud. This unrivaled capability creates a new category of data center analytics that will fundamentally change how I&O leaders achieve workload optimization and digital transformation.

Andy Abbas, CEO of DAG, commented, “It’s table stakes to have a data center that runs efficiently and cost-effectively and workloads that are properly located for optimization, but it’s not enough to stay ahead of the curve. I&O must run like a business in itself, not just part of a business.”

Stoney Gwitira, COO at DAG, said, “After assessing the data centers of so many companies over the years, we’ve learned that many I&O leaders feel a lack of control simply because they don’t know everything that is in their data centers. They can’t see the vulnerabilities that are lying in wait to disrupt business. They can’t see how their applications and devices depend on one another. DAG Insights solves these problems.”

DAG Insights provides an impressive data visualization that surfaces actionable intelligence. The solution is powered by a proprietary engine with an agentless, organic discovery that finds all the needles in the IT environment haystack. The result is unmatched visibility and context that empowers better decision-making through:

  • Vulnerability scanning that triages data center vulnerabilities by severity level so that appropriate action can be taken;
  • Application dependency mapping that shows which apps and devices are interdependent, so the full impact of downtime can be considered;
  • Asset management that allows all devices to be seen, including detailed inventory reports on compute, storage and network capacity, so resources can be appropriately allocated; and
  • Recommendations for a comprehensive, end-to-end migration plan, should a migration be necessary.

No other solution on the market delivers this much business intelligence all in one dashboard. Data from DAG Insights can be exported to other enterprise applications, data center infrastructure management apps or technology business management apps such as Apptio.

Asked about how DAG Insights was conceived, Gwitira explained, “DAG Insights is the culmination of many years of migrating client environments using third party tools that were not optimized for assessing data centers with complex or legacy configurations.” He added, “At DAG, we have a history of innovating where and when we need to. The discovery tools we once used were not organically discovering and omitting data that was crucial to the IT environment, so we decided to build our own.”

The first public demonstration of DAG Insights took place at the Atos North American Sales Kickoff in January in Irving, Texas. Click here to read our blog post about optimizing hybrid environments.

About Data Agility Group, Inc.

Founded in 2007, Data Agility Group is a global professional services company serving infrastructure and operations professionals in every industry. DAG provides full-service digital transformation through comprehensive assessments, data center and workload migration and relocation with end-to-end services for both logical and physical migration projects. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, DAG also has offices in Monterrey, Mexico and Harare, Zimbabwe, and it has done business in over 20 countries worldwide.

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